maandag 9 december 2013

Christmas decorations

In the Netherlands the Christmas decorations can be placed only when the feast of Saint Nicolas is over. So December 6th every shop starts very speedy to change the shopwindows into Christmas and so is the big Christmas tree at Dam square in Amsterdam. This one comes from the German Ardennes and is 24 metres high and will be decorated with 40.000 led lights. Because of the storm last Thursday it took a day more to place it, so last Saturday the lights still had to be attached.

But in the end of the day the job was done. 

At the wintermarket they were a bit late with changing the scene. Saint Nicolas hadn't gone yet here and was rubbing shoulders with Father Christmas. Must be confusing for the kids.

Father Christmas watched the intruder with stupor, move on boy, it is my turn now.

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Waiting 'til after December 6 seems far more civilized to me. All of our decorations get "old" because they're up far too long. Thanks for that go to commercialism and materialism, I guess. Love to celebrate St. Nicholas and enjoy the label of "Father Christmas!"

  2. Looks COLD and NICE :)
    Enjoy the season.

  3. You have such a sweet sense of humour Marianne - its is indeed a lovely tree and so beautiful in the dusk. Your posts are always so darn interesting and I love learning about your home and your traditions and history. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into each post - have a great day :)

  4. ha, these are great, Bieb!
    it must have been fun, watching the workers arrange the view.
    hope you are well!

  5. The tree looks magnificent Marianne, I should imagine the weather could cause a few problems.

  6. We sure could use a rule like yours here in America. Christmas stuff starts appearing right after Halloween here.

  7. You have many more Christmas characters than we have. As a result you have more Christmas stories. The community is very colorful.

  8. I like the fact the decorations are not allowed to go up before a particular date. Great photo of St Nicholas with Santa.

  9. We may not see Christmas things until after Dec. 6, Saint Nicholas sweets such as "pepernoten" show up already by the end of October. So I am afraid there is not much difference in this respect with the USA. Commerce is the same all over the world...

  10. Dearest Marianne,
    What a regal tree of 24 meters tall! Led lights are very special for the evening and night and a smart thing to use for energy conscious use.
    Enjoy this season and guess that Saint Nicholas finally did take off; maybe his horse was crippled?

  11. hahaha, so funny!
    and wow, thats a long time without a car!!! i dont think we will manage for THAT long. but you are right, especially in the netherlands there is no real need for a car, and its so very expensive!