donderdag 20 februari 2014


This photo of Sofietje I made with my I-pad for the first time and I am surprised by the quality of sharpness. She is lying between the two of us on the sofa. Sofietje is my sixth cat and the first one who never wants to lie on a lap, she also doesn't like to be lifted. After two years this is the closest we get and can we finally cuddle her over her belly and hear we purrs.

We don't know much about her, but she came from a cattery for British Shorthair's where she lived with 12 other cats and produced four kittens when she was one year old. She was two years old when we got her for free. She is a beauty but just not so affectionate as other cats we had.

She is four now , very sweet and still very playful, likes to run after balls of paper or chasing up birds.

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  1. Dearest Marianne,
    Guess that what happened to her in her very first two years, is so deeply embedded in her memory... She for sure did not receive the human cuddles like you would love to give her now. Warmth, cuddles and closeness makes them bond with their human. But if that has not been initiated right at the beginning; how would Sofietje ever know? But there is still a chance that slowly but steadily she will gain trust and still manages to bond. Step by step and it's great she's still playful. Imagine having kittens at the age of being still a kitty mom herself. That too has had its impact. But she looks adorable and I wish her a long and happy life with her two human parents and she might slowly melt...

  2. I love her markings and looks like she has taken over the household. he,he

  3. Well, she certainly knows exactly what she wants and needs. She is a beauty!

  4. She has an unusual face I think. I love cats -- every one has a different personality, different likes and dislikes. My daughter's cat has the same name, Sophie, and a similar personality.

  5. What a very sweet little face Sophi has Marianne, every time you show a picture of her I get the urge to rush down to the Cat Haven :)

  6. Did you hear that? It was me sneezing. Love animals but very allergic especially to cats. Big beautiful eyes you have Sofietje,

  7. I've tried to take pictures with the iPad and found it awkward. I did some test photos between it and the iPhone and felt the phone did a wee bit better but that could have been just a result from my wishing it so. Anyway, I take pictures with the phone then do edits with the iPad as it has a much better display. I've lost count how many cats have been through my life. There's been many who were not warm and cuddly lap cats but for how many there were, Sinbad is making up for that. He's stuck to me like glue throughout his life and I am not complaining.

  8. Sofietje has a mind of her own just like most of the cats that I have had. My last cate "Babe" would never sit on my lap until the last two years of his life. He died after 18 years.

  9. She is cute and probably very happy living with you.
    Cats are strange and some have very strong personality.
    I don`t have a cat, but I would love to have one.
    Perhaps 2014 is the year for a cat, a dog or both??