woensdag 12 maart 2014

Sheep and lambs

This is the sheepfold in Almere Haven. Normally it is open for visits, but now it is closed because many sheep are having lambs at the moment and need rest. There is a window in the building you can have a look inside to watch the sheep and the lambs. That is where hubby SC is standing. I wanted to make a picture through the glass but the sun was shining right into  the glasswindow so it was impossible to see anything except myself.

There was a blackboard outside with the number of lambs born so far.
The text says: "Total lambs born 14. Everything is fine"

Want to show you some sheep anyway I saw a few weeks ago at another place.
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  1. Ja de lente is echt begonnen. Wat een mooie plek en de tekst op dat bord geeft direkt antwoord op de vraag die velen zullen stellen.
    PS. De link op signs signs verwijst naar een heel andere blog ??

    1. Ja ik zag het, heb op mijn tablet een tikfout gemaakt. Zijn zulke kleine lettertjes....

  2. This is interesting. Great shots on your blog.

  3. How nice that the new Moms are given a chance to rest.

  4. Always reminds me of a poet who referred to sheep as those "four-footed wooly ramblers."

  5. Very nice shots! Love the building and am pleased that the mothers are left in peace during their time of need...lol.

  6. Now the shelter for the sheep is interesting...a wooden cylinder???

  7. How very interesting! That would be a great place to visit and learn.

    My Sign

  8. Dearest Marianne,
    That is one of the loveliest spring events when you see those new born lambs frolicking in the meadow with the sheep moms.
    Great post.

  9. That is an interesting building. I have never heard or seen one before. Always learning something in blogland.

  10. Hi - Its comforting to know the Mothers are left in peace to rest and look after their young - remember, they used to do that in hospitals too - now, its like you have the baby and you go home - perhaps it is different in your country. I am back to blogging now and thanks for all the great posts I could look at while "away". Cheers and have a nice day.

  11. Very wise to allow the new mothers and lambs some time alone.

  12. I like that they get a bit of privacy when they're lambing Marianne.. nice and warm in there too I bet.

  13. Those 5 sheep all lined up on the green grass are so sweet. Their coats are going to make some fine yarn.