dinsdag 27 mei 2014


These are the buildings of the "Nordische Botschaften" in the Embassy district of Berlin. The Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland together form the "Nordic Embassies". The five buildings are built close together in a cocon of movable green brass blinds.

Outside was this sign to invite you to come inside. Can you imagine this ever seen at the entrance of an Embassy?

Everyone can enter the building, no guards to check of your bag, no questions.

We climbed up the stairs to the cantine at the upper floor, where a lunch is served for public. From one o'clock a.m,  after the diplomatic staff had their lunch, the cantine is open for public and you can come in to have a lunch served by the chef of the only Norwegian restaurant of Berlin. You can make a choice between three plates with delicious international food for only 5 Euro!, a very low price.
Well  isn't that a welcoming, we couldn't  believe it, we had a great lunch there in the cantine of an embassy!

12 opmerkingen:

  1. I think I photographed this embassy's green glass walls from the street.

  2. It is nice that it is so open. I'll take some of that coffee to go!

  3. Well I am glad to see that you were amazed as much as I was reading this. Not something to be found here in America - no guards, no inspection, no security.

  4. Seems almost like you had transported yourselves back in time! Amazing!

  5. No guards or security checks or passes needed? Hooray! That is great.
    Peace :)

  6. Kept in mind for my next trip to Berlin!

  7. Interesting and so unusual that an embassy could be so open and welcoming.

  8. All the good food and beautiful buildings to boot. What a deal!

  9. Dearest Marianne,
    WOW, that is really great hospitality. Good examples of the 'Nordische Botschaften' or Nordic Embassies and also for serving their special lunch to the public at a laughable price.
    But I guess that this way they do promote a lot of good will and the word will spread in a positive way.
    Hugs to you,

  10. That's a beautiful use of space!

    Here the security status of an embassy varies- something like the American embassy would involve a lot of security, whereas the embassy for Norway is something you can just walk into.