woensdag 20 december 2017

Christmas tree

The Christmas tree at Dam Square in Amsterdam comes traditional from Germany. This year the city councel found this huge 40 years old, 21 meters high and 5000 kilos heavy tree in the backyard of a home in Niederheiden. The owner was willing to offer the tree as he feared it could go down some day by storms and land on his home.

So after a long transport it is shining now with 40.000 ledlights.

12 opmerkingen:

  1. That's a massive tree, and the owner was very generous.
    Looks beautiful.

  2. ik zou het aantal lampjes niet willen natellen Marrianne

    knappe foto's

  3. Good deal for the city and citizens.

  4. The tree is absolutely gorgeous. What a very nice gift to the town, it looks incredible standing tall in the square.

  5. Such a magnificent tree.
    Loved your pictures

    All the best Jan