donderdag 19 september 2019

Open Monuments Weekend

The last monument we visited was this canal house dating from the 17th century. In 1891, a stepped gable in a Renaissance Revival style was added and it was converted into a community centre for the Jesuits of the adjacent De Krijtberg  church.

The room on the first floor has beautiful panelling, ceiling paintings, pilasters and decorated corbels.

The "Boekman Foundation", a centre for art, culture and policy, has been housed here since 1977. There was a big library too.

The narrow stairway.

And the long hallway.

From the garden you had a view upstairs of the room we just had visited.
Well this was the end of the Open Monuments Weekend, hope you enjoyed it,  I see you in a few days again, I have a little blogpause.

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  1. I did enjoy these visits very much..enjoy your break Marianne ✨

  2. That ceiling is beautiful! What a great event to have in your city. I wish they would do something like that here. There are a few buildings I'd like to tour.

  3. It is a beauty, Marianne! Enjoy the time off.

  4. What a beautiful place. Thank you for taking us on a tour, I enjoyed it. Have a wonderful break, Marianne.

  5. Mooi om alle details te zien. Hoop dat je iets leuks gaat doen 😀

  6. Nice trip. It's good that places like this have been kept.

  7. Beautiful details. I’ve never heard of corbels. I had to look them up!

  8. It is great how these old buildings have been kept well and used also.

  9. prachtige details Marianne

    en knap in beeld gebracht