zondag 1 december 2019

Light Festival

The Amsterdam Lightfestival was a bit disappointing this year. The objects were not so spectacular as other years. This is the famous Skinny Bridge transformed into a mass of mixed lines by artist Krijn de Koning.

The Cracks made by Karolina Howorka in the Montelbaans tower.

11 opmerkingen:

  1. I like all those lines that the bridge is making. Those cracks in the tower make it look like it might crumble.

  2. Reacties
    1. It is an old tower from 1516 so it has some cracks she followed.

  3. Ik heb er nog niets van gezien. Komt nog wel hoop ik

  4. I like the lines of the Skinny Bridge. The cracks on the tower are interesting to see.

  5. en ik had me voorgenomen er eens heen te gaan Marianne

    iets om over na te denken dus

    prettige avond

  6. Well you know I am into minimal these days Marianne, so I think they are pretty cool 💙