maandag 10 februari 2020


Maybe you have heard we had a heavy storm here yesterday which even had got a name "Ciara".
Well it was more a hurricane than a usual storm. The whole country came to a standstill, no trains, no plains and the roads were dangerous to drive with trees coming down.

We went for a short walk to the dike but the winds on the dike at the Gooi lake were so strong we could hardly stand still. We had to hold on to each other as we felt we could blown away of our feet.

When we arrived home our  backyard fence had collapsed. Well at least no damages at the house.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. We had Storm Ciara here too, but in my corner of the country is was not anything like as bad as in the northern part of the country.

  2. I just looked at a friend in London's site and he said the same thing. Lots of rain and wind. I'm glad your house was safe and sound and too bad about the fence. Hopefully it will be an easy repair.

  3. I'm glad you survived. High winds can be very frightening.

  4. I had heard about the bad storms in many European countries. So sorry your fence got damaged. The weather is going crazy all over!