vrijdag 4 februari 2022


 A misty bike tour through the Almere woods.

A curious dog came along to watch  hubby removing his bicyle bag between his spokes.

Liking to "Skywatch Friday"

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks like a nice day for a cool ride

  2. I cannot resist trails like that. And I bet there are some geocaches along also.

  3. Nice trail to ride or walk on. A curious and friendly dog who wants to check that bike out and find out if the bag has any treats. :)

  4. A cute pup. Did Sofietje smell dog on him when you got home?

  5. Greetings and Salutations! What a lovely trail.

  6. There are good and flat paths for cycling and walking. There don't seem to be many uphills, I guess.
    The nature is not very beautiful and that's why I am glad we have snow. Although I don’t always like winter, especially if it’s horribly cold. Now we have a record amount of snow, but luckily it is not cold.
    The dog looks funny.