woensdag 5 april 2023

Bath House

The houses I showed you yesterday, had no bathrooms in those times, you had to wash yourself in the kitchen at the water tap.

In these new neighbourhoods  public bathhouses were built where you could have a shower.

I remember my parents went to the bathhouse. We as small children were washed in a sink tub in the kitchen at home.. These  buildings are now mostly transformed into community centres.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Remembering the good old days always brings back memories.

  2. It was a good idea at the time to have public bath houses. Where is your critter!!

  3. You've reminded me of my grandmother's house when they added a bathroom to the house because it didn't have one.

  4. We were talking about old times at breakfast. How we had outside toilets when we were children.