dinsdag 20 maart 2012

Reading and writing

After the succes of yesterdays post I continue with the nostalgic museum. The school in the thirties or fourties I think as I watch the teacher. My mother looked that way too when she was a teacher at that time.

It was possible to write some text down with a crown pen and ink. I learned writing this way when I was six years old.

The last line is mine. I learned it this way but I don't write so proper anymore.

We learned reading with the help of this board with moveable characters. Everyone at that time could recite these words from the head. I can't remember how we learned reading with this, but I did obviously.

Do you remember these? We now mostly write with machines.

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  1. A delightful trip down memory lane! Many thanks for sharing these great photos.

  2. Oh my, you stirred up memories with that sheet of lined paper and those writing skills lessons. I should have known then my writing would never improve beyond grade level. I now print most all the time in order to be understood. I love that classroom shot. Have any more museum photos?

  3. What a great post yesterday and today Bieb, brought back memories galore! I laughed out loud thinking about the cheese fondue, we thought we were so 'cool' and sophisticated have 'fondue' parties. Fun memories.

  4. I remember those desks in first grade!
    I also remember that we were always in alphabetical order. When I was in 12th grade a guy wrote in my yearbook."I would know the back of your head anywhere. I have been looking at it for 12 yrs". My last name was Bailey and his was Baker.

    Thanks for the memories!

  5. Wat leuk al die herinneringen. Ja zo zag het er mijn tijd ook uit, de juffrouw, de schijfoefeningen, heerlijk.

  6. another sweet assembly of photos! The board for reading is lovely. I love the typeface.
    It's incredible how much things have changed in a short time, and when things were this way, it seemed so permanent. Hope you are well, Bieb.

  7. hahaha, aap noot mies. do they still do it that way?
    thats how we did it at school too!

  8. I understand some schools in the U.S. no longer teach cursive handwriting. But what will all the children adopt as their signature, I wonder.