dinsdag 15 mei 2012

Braving the cold

Sitting on a slope outside with your coat on and having a drink, it is the the ultimate pleasure in Amsterdam. We still believe that spring once will come, so get your boat and your picnic-basket and go.

Here people tried to keep warm against the walls of the bridge to avoid the chilly winds. Temperatures are still below normal here, 13 degrees C (55.4 F) and lots of rain is coming. In two weeks time I am going south to the French and Italian Riviera, can't wait.

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  2. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  3. Waiting for spring sometimes is a chilly affair. Looks like everyone is happy to be outside!

  4. crazy, the dutch!!
    nice prospect!!
    we had a very hot weekend, and now its more like spring again...

  5. So that means the table is tilted and your full cup of coffee is to the brim on one side?

  6. je vraagt je nu toch stilaan af hoe lang de koude nog gaat duren
    intussen genieten van de foto's !

  7. These are very brave people. I wouldn't sit there.


  8. oh, have fun!! it must be much warmer down south?

    I'm sure the warmer weather will get to you soon. It's nice out here, though we've been getting a lot of rain.