woensdag 16 mei 2012

Cruise ship

You could almost imagine this photo is made in the tropics, but since we have a cruise terminal in Amsterdam you see these huge floating "tower blocks" sailing over the IJ-river, behind the Central Station.  I made this picture while SC was driving and I saw something big moving at the right.

The ship was just leaving Amsterdam and many passengers stood on top, watching the city passing by, which was funny to see. I googled the ship, it is 293.0 metres long and 32.0 metres wide. It has 2500 passengers, 869 crew members and 12 decks. It contains a mini golf course, a climbing wall and all kind of entertainment.
 I don't think I will ever make a cruise travel like this, it is not my kind of holiday.

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  1. wow, that is enormous, Bieb!
    I'm not sure I'd ever take a cruise, either. I'd worry too much about getting bored.

    Lucky you weren't driving, ha.

  2. I've never taken a cruise so I probably should not judge, but I cannot imagine vacationing on one of these behemoths.

  3. That's not my type of vacation either. But it's an impressive ship, and funny to see all those passengers outside on the top deck.

  4. I actually have taken several. ...and have decided I enjoy smaller ships. The favorite on a "large" ship was off of the coast of Alaska.

    You have a beautiful port building there in Amsterdam...

  5. no..? i think i would like to do it once....
    or maybe from the us to europe.. with all our stuff, for easy moving, haha!

  6. Well I guess I have to admit we've done a cruise a few times. It was okay, just the gluttoney of food is my biggest issue. Guilt sets in along with a few extra pounds. Nowadays I am content to "sail" my little cruise ship on wheels down that ribbon of highway.

  7. Wij zijn vorig jaar voor het eerst geweest en gaan over drie weken weer een cruise maken. Er is verschrikkelijk veel te doen op zo'n boot. Je vaart 's nachts en overdag ga je steden of andere plaatsen bezoeken. Het is helemaal geweldig. Er is iedere dag zo veel te doen als je wil, want alles is vrij om te doen of te laten, Soms varen ze een dag door en dan kan je dus kiezen.
    Wij gaan nu in twee weken tijd vijf landen bezoeken, fantastisch. In het najaar gaan we een maand naar Spanje lekker luieren dat is ook leuk.

  8. We did a cruise on this ship and it was good price quality. We just love cruising you see so many interesting places.


  9. Nope, not my thing either Bieb, that's way too many people floating along together..are there enough lifeboats, there weren't on the Titanic haha!