donderdag 28 juni 2012

Department store

This is the "Bijenkorf" (Beehive) a department store in The Hague. It dates from 1926 and is designed by the architect Piet Kramer in the so called " Amsterdam School style.
I have seen this building many times but mostly went for the inside to buy some clothes. This time I looked with an other eye and suddenly noticed the beauty of the building.

The skeleton is made of concrete and round the pillars are walls of waving bricks. The windows are stunning.

The details are so beautiful, look at the sculptures at the facade made by Hildo Krop 

We went for the museum in The Hague because the weather here is a jojo, one day sun and the next day it is like you see in the first picture, cloudy and rainy. At the blog of scollections you have a look in the museum we went for.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. What a great Art Deco building! Love the details.

  2. Is it art-deco or art-nouveau? Either way, it is very splendid, the brickwork, the carvings AND those windows.

  3. The Netherlands had an own style at that time "the Amsterdam School" style. I made a link to explain it in the post. It is not Art Deco neither Art-nouveau. They used red bricks and made beautiful waving facades with it with lots of details.

  4. It is a very uniquely beautiful building!

  5. TJee het is al wat jaren geleden dat ik er was, heb toen niet zo op het gebouw gelet maar ik zou gezworen hebben dat het niet op een hoek stond. haha, Slechte getuige zou mijn man zeggen.

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