vrijdag 3 augustus 2012

Bold sparrows

When sitting on a terrace and having a tea with cake we had company of several sparrows.

They were sitting on the table and I had to protect my cake which they were determined to share with me..

This one passed by

and landed next to the empty plate.
In a certain way it was funny to see them so close but it was also rather filthy, so we complained to the waitress. She said they didn't know what to do about it, the terrace was too open to close up and people wouldn't want that because of the view over the harbour.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Birds are smart. They know where to handout to find food. The good thing about the incident is that you got some good shots for your blog.

  2. A bit of a dilemma .. They are SO cute but not nice to have them actually standing on your plate. I guess they love the crumbs.

  3. I love birds, but would not want to share the table with them! Great shots though...

  4. They aren't afraid of people! Tough little birdies, haha. Understand that it is not really nice when they are almost standing on your plate. But it makes for some nice photos.
    Have a great weekend Marianne!

  5. Nice!
    This time i will recognize s.c on the street :)

  6. They can be brave. I know the feeling, but I keep on giving them something to eat.


  7. my goodness!! I'm shocked. Little birds are usually so shy.
    Great shots, Bieb!

  8. I really like this "documentary", funny and nice!:)

  9. it made for very cute photos!!
    :) and i see a nice piece of pie there... mmmmmmmmmm!