woensdag 8 augustus 2012


I am not such a sporty figure but I like to watch the Olympics in London on tv. You see all kind of sports you have never seen before and with the downpours we have here it is a great diversion. But yesterday it was a special day for us, our national nice guy, the gymnastic Epke Zonderland was going to perform his exercise at the horizontal bar. To win gold he had to do something special and he did!

What he did was magical, he flew like a bird in the air three times in a row, which nobody had ever done before. The audience in the stadium exploded.
I made this poor photo from tv but have a look at the video here for a better view of his exercise and listen to the exciting comment of the reporter and the sounds of the audience.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat was het een heerlijke dag hè. Ik heb zo genoten van onze nationale held, wat was in goed hè en wat was ik ook zenuwachtig. Hihi ik leef met al onze sporters mee nu weer het paardspringen , ik blijf maar zitten.

  2. i want to watch too!!! but we dont have a tv, and they have blocked everything on the internet... :(
    i also cannot watch your video, i tried before to watch on my laptop through the dutch channels, but also that is blocked outside the netherlands... :((
    so i just have to do it with messages like yours! :)

  3. Yes, so many of the Olympic videos on the web are blocked from viewing. I was able to see the finish to the women's road race and award of the gold to your Marianne Vos.

  4. Gymnastics is my favorite Olympic event. Congratulations to this handsome young man!

  5. Ik heb zijn oefening gezien, gewoon ongelooflijk. Wat een atleet.


  6. CaT,
    Has to do with NOS rights I think. Have posted another one from You Tube, hope it works.

  7. Sindbad
    Great you were able to see Marianne Vos winning. It was a hell of a tour.