woensdag 24 oktober 2012

A day in the country

As we have pretty nice weather at the moment, 19 degrees C (66.2F),  which is unusual warm for autumn time, we took a ride in the country to see if there were some coloured trees to see. We can't compete with the North East US but we saw some coloured ones.
We went to the "Hoge Veluwe National Park", that covers 5,400 hectares of woodland, heathland, peat bogs and drift sand. In the park is also an amazing Museum with art and a Sculpture Garden.
At the entrance of the park you can take a free white bicycle to cycle around the park and to the Museum.
So off I went!
Through the woods.
Where I spotted some pretty mushrooms.
And passed some heathlands, it was a bit hazy cloudy weather but that is just what fall is.
Tomorrow I show you the Museum and the Sculpture Garden.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Lovely photos of trees and landscape. You seem to have more autumn colours than we do,our leaves making an effort to stay green I think! It may be different inland and further north of course,where they will have had frost.


  2. We hebben echt een prachtige 'Indian Summer' op het moment. Genieten zo lang het kan!

  3. Beautiful set of photos. The mushroom shot caught my attention, it's fantastic!

  4. Oh prachtig en die paddestoelen zijn zo mooi. Ik hoorde vandaag op,de radio dat er o eral erg veel zijn. .ik hou er van.

  5. You look like you we're enjoying yourself! I really like the free bike idea!

  6. I love the shot of you on the bic. You look very happy! Glad you're having fun!

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  7. Autumn, my favourite season to photograph. The colours are so inviting

  8. Lovely rural autumn shots Marianne, you look so care free riding the bike, I'm sure I would have been wobbling all over the place haha!

  9. Great way to spend a day! Beautiful photos.