donderdag 25 oktober 2012

The Kroller-Muller Museum

This gentleman is waiting for you at the entrance of the museum. He is called Monsieur Jacques and made by Oswald Wenckebach.
The collection consists a very diverse amount of paintings, sculptures and other arts.
This one I like very much, it is all made of wish-bracelets.
There are many works by Vincent van Gogh.
The Wood Car by dutch designer Joost Conijn, which can really drive!
Violins by Picasso.
Tomorrow I show you the Sculpture Garden.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. What a fun museum. I especially like the picture of the Nuns admiring the painting.

  2. ben er ooit geweest en vond het schitterend!
    zou wel eens terug willen gaan
    gelukkig laten ze het fotograferen nog toe, dat wordt hier stilaan een uitzondering
    mooie reportage

  3. How interesting! The guy in the first picture somehow reminds me a little of Alfred Hitchcock.

  4. It's already been said Marianne, but I agree the man welcoming you to the gallery definitely looks a bit like Alfred Hitchcock and I adore the fourth shot with the nuns studying the artwork.

  5. You ade soem excellent pictures. It looks like a great museum. I took a similar picasso picture in St. Petersburg.


  6. I'm certain I would love this place and its collection. Picasso't violins are among my favorites.

  7. Lots of interesting stuff there. I really like the photo of the two people looking together, maybe they are nuns.

  8. i like the statue in the first pic very much.

  9. Thanks for sharing so many interesting images!
    The one with the two nuns in it, is my favorite today.