woensdag 21 november 2012

Autumn again

I can't remember I have seen such a beautiful autumn as this year. So I show you a few more photos.
This advertisement of  the Jewish museum tells the story of the "Bagel". Originally it came from Eastern-Europe where the Jews sold bread with a hole hanging on a stick in the streets. The bagel conquered the world when Jews immigrated to America and took the bagels with them.
The leaves are falling like rain.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. So pretty i have always enjoyed my visits to Europe in Autumn, which have been too few.

  2. It's such a pretty season ... lovely captures

  3. ah!
    all too often, fall passes so quickly. I'm glad you were actually able to enjoy it a little!

  4. That's a very beautiful avenue in the first shot Marianne , how nice autumn is hanging around, soon those trees will be bare I guess. I've seen a few bagel stands around Perth but they don't seem to stay around for long.

  5. very pretty!
    i like autumn...
    as for the bagels; im so tired of them! i ate a LOT of them here, as it was the only "bread" here that was sort of ok. nowadays i only make my own bread, soooo much better!

  6. Absoluut genieten! Hopen dat een echte (november)storm nog even uitblijft..

  7. wij noemen 'stokbrood' de lange franse broden, de baguettes...
    grappig toch !