donderdag 22 november 2012

The practical housewife

In the Amsterdam City Archive I saw these magazines from 1931 called "The practical housewife". They were published by a big department store "Vroom & Dreesmann", which still exists. The housewife in those times had to run a "business" and she needed some advices apparently. In the left one she admires her linen closet which is a luxury as the text says.
The right one has the text "Spring is coming" and she has to decorate her home with new carpets.
It is nice to see how things have changed for women here in almost a century. Most of them have a job now and the household has become a lot easier with all the electrical devices, nothing to stay at home for all day.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. But, how wonderful that these women were acknowledged as being "in business" while hard at work at home. Yes, life styles certainly have changed, but I wonder if housework is valued anymore now than before?

  2. I wonder how todays magazines will be viewed in 50 yrs time

  3. Such different times indeed Marianne. I must admit I'm fascinated by those times and love movies set in the 1930/40,s.

  4. I remember some mighty clean windows when I lived there.(in the late 70's) You could tell where the Americans lived...ours didn't sparkle so :)

  5. :)
    but now i want a vacuum cleaner that i do not need to operate!!
    very nice pictures...