woensdag 13 februari 2013

First details

The Palace at Dam Square in Amsterdam where at April 30 our Queen Beatrix will sign her abdication paper and then will appear at the balcony as Princess Beatrix with her son  King Willem Alexander and his wife Queen Maxima and their three daughters.

Then the new King will walk to the nearby New Church where he will swear to be faithfull to the thrown.
We don't have a crowning ceremony in the Netherlands, so he will not be crowned.
The church is currently in use as an exhibiton hall, but the Indians have to move earlier than April 14th as the church has to be made ready for the ceremony. These are the first details about the day are announced to the Press.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. The Indians being removed to a reservation? Those poor people never get a break.

  2. A very historic occasion Marianne, I admire the Queen for doing this. The perspective in your first shot is marvellous.

  3. How great this is to receive news from your area - I might otherwise not have got to read. The building is quite beautiful and I love the lamp post - such a beauty.
    Imagine the American Indians on exhibition there - that's kinda neat - they are probably getting more respect there than in their own country.
    I quite enjoy your posts and you take beautiful photos.

  4. What a shame there is no crowning ceremony but no doubt there will be many celebrations in the town.

  5. You cover details of the change in monarch and also show great details on the old buildings. These buildings are a vivid contrast compared to the buildings on your header.

  6. Ja het wordt een hele gebeurtenis. Mooi perspectief in de bovenste foto.

  7. Mo,
    Yes, there will be pomp but without a crown on his head. The crown is put on a cushion just to look at.