dinsdag 12 februari 2013

Snow pictures

We are still surrounded by snow and it is very cold so some more snow pictures.

It is easy to follow a thief this way.

A picture I can use for my next Christmas card.

My neighbour children trying to make a snowman.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. The kids always know how to make the best of the snow.

  2. That looks like a wolf stalking you...but I take it that is a dog?..Beautiful snow!

  3. Snow is pleasant for all kinds of fun activities.

  4. Aah, we just had a bunch more snow too and these are lovely photos. The snow covered house makes a really nice winter photo and of course children make the best snowmen. Nice shoe treads in the snow - good boots.

  5. ha, I like the fact that you can track the burglars!