maandag 11 februari 2013

More snow

Sunday morning we woke up with a huge amount of snow again, 15 cm! The tree in front of our home had weird dots of snow, like blossom or cotton.

The sun was shining and as it was Sunday nobody had to get to work in traffic jams, so many enjoyed to have a walk in the woods. It was pretty cold but we didn't mind.

The snow was really deep.

I love snow.

The shores of this ditch looked like an ice-cake to me.
It is still cold now -5C but with a strong wind it feels like -9C.

11 opmerkingen:

  1. It looks so pretty and fun to walk in but I wouldn't be able to stand the cold.

  2. Wow,it's beautiful! I can hardly believe you're having so much snow.Here it just rains and rains..........except for today when we have blue skies.

    Enjoy it while it lasts!

  3. I would love to pull on a coat and boots and join you for a walk Marianne, one of these days i'm going to be somewhere cold to get away from our heat waves.

  4. yes, thats a lot!
    here its crazy, there are mountains everywhere as they cleared the roads... and its melting, so its becoming quite a mess. but so cool to see!
    that first pic is really nice, indeed like cotton or something!

  5. Looks like fun...and so pretty. Love that tree!

  6. Yes, a cotton tree. Very good description. I like that tree effect.

  7. Ja heerlijk hé, die sneeuw. Maar toch ben ik blij dat ik vrijdag naar Portugal en Spanje ga, voor drie weekjes...mmm. Leuk die foto van jou!!

  8. Echt prachtig. Erg leuk die foto met je laarzen!

  9. Waw, wij hebben geluk gehad, in Den Haag ligt er niets.


  10. Fresh clean snow is always invigorating so you can get out in the cold and don't mind.