vrijdag 5 juli 2013

Walking feet

These feet belong to the exhibition ArtZuid 2013 in Amsterdam an art exhibition in the open air. They are made by Jems Robert Koko Bi from Ivory Coast Africa and is called Exodus II. When they were just placed in the water, a little drama happend when a mentaly ill man smashed them to pieces in the night. The remains were replaced.

But at another safer place in the exhibition there were more feet of the artist.

I have no idea why the ill man particular chose the feet to destroy. Something must have made him very angry
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14 opmerkingen:

  1. I think this might be the oddest "art" I have seen in some time. I do not understand the conception of "why the feet" , but I am sure someone does - odd and interesting.

  2. I am afraid I agree with Saucy. Maybe they were even a little strange to the ill man. I spy someone cooling her feet in the fountain! I do understand that!

  3. The large set of legs are interesting but can't say the same for the rest. But I'm not mentally ill. Really, I'm not.

  4. What an interesting idea!
    Thanks for sharing this with us Marianne.

    Happy weekend,

  5. A really cool piece of art which tells of travelling to a better place. Schizophrenics will sometimes hallucinate that something is threatening them.

  6. Interesting photos. Happy sky watching.

    My sky.

  7. Don't try to find out the reasons why the mentally disturbed do what they do. That's work for the shrinks. The joy of the art is for us :)

  8. Dearest Marianne,
    I agree 100% with Peter here above... we impossibly can slip into the crooked mind of a mentally disturbed person.
    But it is fun art and a pity they got destroyed.
    Hugs to you and happy weekend.

  9. Great all these feet We had an art show last year with a line of heads in the water. I like the fountain as well. Is it in the VOndelpark?

    1. No it is the former Van Heutz monument, now called the Indian monument, because General Van Heutz was not political correct anymore.....

  10. that is terrible that these were attacked.
    I do love that the artist used some humor to engage his audience. Endearing!

  11. i think i saw the first statue on sunday when we biked! but i missed the feet!