dinsdag 13 augustus 2013

Oslo (2)

You might think we are on a floating ice shelf, but this is the Opera House in Oslo. It is a prestigious expensive building opened in 2008 with 1100 theater halls! It must look like a glacier and a big part of the building is under sea level. 

The public is allowed to walk on the roof which is covered with marble and goes rather straight up. A weird experience to walk over a theater! But you have a great view from top.

In front of the building is a floating ice shelf.

Then we visited the "Vigelandparc" named after Gustav Vigeland with 212 sculptures which represents the human being in all his shapes.

The center is formed by a Monolite of 17 metres with 121 human figures who keep themselves together and support each other.

The Monolite is surrounded by 36 groups of granite sculptures which express the cyclus of life and relations.
It was quite impressive what one man can produce. The sculptures are all rather real so for the puritan Blogspot I choose the decent ones to show you.  Norwegian  people are rather physical and have no problem with nude which is a normal attitude I think.

As you probably had noticed is was a rainy day and we had left the parc just in time to have the downpour safely sitting in the coach.

We had a coffee break on top of a hill where I saw the first typical Norwegian houses with grassed roofs. It keeps the houses warm in winter and cool in summer.

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  1. WOW, these photos are so great. The sculptures phenomenal, the walk over the theater, the views, bit of flooding from the rain and the treat - the grass roofs. I anticipate with much eagerness the rest of your trip.

  2. wow, Bieb. You have a wonderful mix of city and country.
    Enjoy your time away!!

  3. Marianne...I am enjoying this trip so much. Beautiful pictures and very interesting post!

  4. Prachtig operagebouw, bijzondere architectuur.

  5. Amazing images Marianne , so many sculptures, your 'safe' choice made me smile :) the Opera House is an awesome piece of architecture. Norway is a very 'interesting' place :)

  6. An extraordinary group of photos! I am fascinated by the sculptures.

  7. Norway is full of art. That ice shelf looks like a building that fell in on itself. So many photo ops in Norway.

  8. Awesome stuff to see. The opera house is amazing. We have a Lofthaus here and I will be posting on it later.

  9. Dearest Marianne,
    Great impressions, even for people who've never been exposed to Norwegian culture at all. You selected wisely as a blog goes viral worldwide.
    Grassed roofs looks different from what we got now... But for sure there is a good reason for them to do this.

  10. The grass roofs are very interesting. It looks beautiful there.

  11. Vigelandpark looks quite amazing (I think I've seen pictures before). From my only visit to Norway (Trondheim), the Norwegians seem to like their sculpture.

    Grassy roofs - very enviromentally sound but surely getting the lawn mower up there is tricky.

  12. The sculptures are amazing. I have a friend visiting Scandinavia right now and she had these sculptures on her blog too.

  13. The opera house is an exciting building. Trying to challenge our Sydney Opera House.