vrijdag 6 september 2013

Skywatch Friday

At the art exhibition ARTZUID 2013 in Amsterdam this sculpture is made by Tony Cragg, (1949) born in the UK. He first worked as a lab technician before become an artist and now lives in Germany where he is teaching at the Art Academy in Dusseldorf. This sculpture is called "Mixed Feelings"  which is an appropriate name I think. See for more Skywatches here

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Een mooi beeld, ik zie er van deze kant 2 gezichten in. En inderdaad wel een toepasselijke naam. Het lijkt groot!

  2. I usually do not like abstract art, but this one is very interesting.
    Have a beautiful week-end!
    Lea's Menagerie

  3. This is interesting - and I think the title "Mixed Feelings" is an appropriate name - looks truly mixed feeling to me. I sometimes wonder about sculptures and their artists. I am getting a feeling of lab technician as previous career mixed with artist and the expression in the sculpture. Struck me as a blob of bacteria or "things" that lab technicians study and look at all day. Interesting :)

  4. Perfectly named sculpture Marianne :) I do like the smooth, rounded look of it.

  5. An intriguing sculpture (am I the only one who sees three faces in it, I wonder?) against a gorgeous blue sky! To me, the feeling most prominent in this sculpture is one of angst - yet I imagine running one's hands over its smooth contours would be very soothing.

  6. I always like to see something that is really different. I've never seen something like this. Many different things may be seen in this as you walk around it.

  7. Een mooi kunstwerk, ik verwacht echter zo'n stuk meer in Rotterdam.


  8. Dearest Marianne,
    Farther than mixed feelings I cannot come with this statue. What DOES it resemble? Always hard to decipher such art work.
    Enjoy your weekend and sending you warm and sunny greetings,

  9. Very interesting sculpture. It looks as everything is a bit in a knot