maandag 16 december 2013

Amsterdam Light Festival (2)

At the left is the Architecture Center of Amsterdam (ARCAM)  and behind a sailing ship with a projected image on the sails.

Here a better view of the ship with the Maritime Museum in the background.

This installation by Bas Peeters was inspired by the halberdiers, the guards who once protected the Entrepotdock. In the oval-shaped windows are 12 figures in a video projection who seem static at first, yet at a closer look, move and interact with each other.

The halberdiers are accompanied by a guard dog, hence the name, "Beware of the dog!" which you hear barking in the end.

The "Cave of light" is the winning design by Job van der Sande, second year student at the Amsterdam Academy of  Architecture. It consists 7000 lights and mirrors that all together create a cave.
Tomorrow I'll show you the last photos of  our walk.

This is me in a cafetaria of a tennis club where we had a coffeebreak during the walk because it was very cold and our hands were freezing. I was complaining about making pictures in the dark with my camera, I could hardly see any image through my lens. Hubby SC got a bit irritated, took my camera and made this picture of me and showed it worked very well. I must admit the results were better than I expected.....

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  1. Wow...the first photo is really brilliant!!!


  2. I bet your hands were cold. .....but we have enjoyed the pictures. Guess it isn't too easy to wear gloves when you are shooting. Cold and're still cute.

  3. This looks like a special place, and you are a special blogger, my friend. Taking a break from cold weather was a good idea and you look comfortable and happy as your hands were warming up!!

  4. Thank you for sharing these. Some interesting pics.Feel bad that you were a bit cold but all worth it I guess;)

  5. I love those colors in that first photo. Pink Floyd came to mind. And all this time I didn't think the cold bothered you none.

  6. Dearest Marianne,
    Thanks for enduring such bitter cold in order to show these fascinating pictures. No fun doing so but the results are fine. I too have a very hard time taking pictures in the dark!
    Hope the coffee did warm your hands a bit. It feels so good for coming back home again after such an outing. It almost does make your face shrink!

  7. The cave is a dazzling display of light. I have the same problem when I view the image in my camera. It's dull and I can't really see what's going to be in the photo. Part of it is with glasses.

  8. Mooie foto's en licht spektakels. Moeilijk om te fotograferen.


  9. Gosh I have just been through your last posts they are all so interesting with the light show and Christmas decorations but you did look cold.

  10. super geslaagd, het licht spektakel
    zie je er koud of kwaad uit :) of beiden ?

  11. Het zal ook een flinke wandeling geweest zijn om dit allemaal te kunnen zien. Dank je voor deze fotoserie.

  12. it looks so nice!!
    actually, your coffee cup says "im hot" :))) very nice photo, you look a bit frustrated indeed. :)

  13. Bedankt voor een jaar prachtige plaatjes! Happy 2014 and warm hands :)