dinsdag 8 april 2014


A view of a typical dutch windmill, named "the Fortune", in the little town "Hattem" in the North-East part of the Netherlands in the province Gelderland.

A document referring to Hattem, is dated around 800, but in 1176 it became a parish and in 1299 the place obtained city rights from the landgrave Reinoud I van Gelre. The old church was all covered in scaffolding and cloths so I have no picture of it. Hattem has also been a Hanseatic City.

Hattem was a fortified town and this town gate remembers of those times.

Here you can see the former city walls with the city behind.

The Town-Hall dates from 1770 and looks like it has been restored recently. A bit to much I think, it looks complete new now.

I prefer a building like this from Anno1626.

This is the river IJsel seen from the city.
Tomorrow I'll show you a pretty museum I visited in Hattem.

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  1. Thanks for taking us along to Hattem. Such a pretty shot of the windmill. I rather agree with you about the restoration....a bit too much bright paint.

  2. And yet as I seem to recall reading somewhere, weren't the garish colors intended as a kind of sign of the area's new prosperity?

  3. Very beautiful along with you to city of Hattem - I love the buildings and the long shot of the winding river. Looks like travelling campers in the parking lot.

  4. Thank you for this wonderful tour of the city; love the iconic windmill!

  5. I went back again to take another look; there is so much to admire in this town! Terrific photos.

  6. Hattem is lovely Marianne, enjoyed this look around. Beautiful view of the windmill behind the colourful hedge. The arch in the old town gate is wonderful, so much to see and appreciate here.

  7. Het is een mooi stadje met leuke musea.
    Dank voor de mooie fotoreportage van het stadje.

  8. Een reeks prachtige foto's, het bewijst opnieuw dat er veel moois te zien is.

  9. Hattem sounds like a good place to visit. As usual you have a good history and great photos.

  10. Such wonderful shots! Everything is so green there!!!

  11. I enjoyed this virtual tour of Hattem very much! The tower on the town gate is very impressive.

  12. Dearest Marianne,
    Agreeing with you about the almost too overdone red in that building, looks almost like fake...
    But never mind, it might turn out lovely with age again.
    Funny that we did have an exchange student from Hattem that studied here for one year in Georgia for which the Rotary Club paid for. We just met her again last year as she did visit us after some 25 years.
    Lovely city!

    1. Dat is toevallig dat je iemand uit Hattem op bezoek had!

  13. such pretty pics!
    very dutch, all of them.. :)

  14. Prachtige fotos Marianne! Ik moet nodig weer terug naar Nederland - nog zo veel to zien.

    Ik ben in IJsselmuiden geboren (ja, al zo lang geleden!) - tegenover Kampen (also a Hanseatic city).