woensdag 14 mei 2014

The New Church

I went for the World Press Photo exhibition in the New Church in Amsterdam. A few years ago I decided not to go anymore because of the many bloody photos I had to watch. I don't want to close my eyes for what is going on in the world but to see it magnified so close is a bit to much for me. This year I thought I give it a try again,  the world is still a mess but it was not that bad to watch.

At the same time I had a closer look at the details in this old church. A year ago our new King Willem Alexander had his ceremony here and I saw how things had been polished then and still are. 

Look at that amazing wood carving.

And the shining copper.

The church dates from the 15th century and this old picture from the 17th century shows the interior has not changed over the years. 

14 opmerkingen:

  1. Voor mij hoeven die bloederige foto's ook niet.
    Wat is de nieuwe kerk mooi. Ik ben er nooit in geweest. De vorige keer dat we in Amsterdam waren was hij gesloten.
    De laatste keer dat ik in de Westerkerk was ,waar mijn man trouwens gedoopt is, was een Kerstdienst waar Aafje Heinis nog zong. Kan je nagaan hoe lang dat geleden is. De tijd vliegt en je word maar steeds ouder:(((

  2. Holy cow! The art work has such detail to it.

  3. Oh My, this is just beautiful work and than you for the virtual trip :) Have a wonderfl day.

  4. Dearest Marianne,
    Glad this year's exhibition turned out better for you.
    Indeed a lovely Renaissance style Church with lovely wood carving and such. Since 1814, Dutch monarchs have been inaugurated here and we all could watch King Willem Alexander's crowning. We were lucky for being in Curaçao so we got to enjoy this. Would love to see this magnificent Church in person!

  5. Inderdaad prachtig. Ik ben er niet zo lang geleden ook geweest, het is een bijzondere locatie voor een tentoonstelling als de World Press Photo.

  6. It is a lovely church and the wood carving is so beautiful! I like seeing the old picture too.

  7. Beautiful church with wonderful wood carvings!

  8. The wood carvings are wonderful. What is the gold structure with the blue fabric top in the first photo?

    1. It is the Choir Screen and the fabric is done for the exhibition, so it is dark to watch some videos there.

  9. How can the wood carver know where to begin on such a massive project?

  10. Mooie foto's van het hout. Dacht eerst dat het over de Nieuwe Kerk in Delft ging gaan.


  11. It's great when people realize the value of something and keep it.

  12. So beautiful. Love the carving.
    Peace :)