donderdag 26 juni 2014

Rolling, rolling, rolling

Sitting on a bench in the Vondelpark a parade of cyclist past by, which was funny to watch.
These are tourists with rented bikes as you can see at the red and blue colours and the bag or sign in front.

A couple on their Bromptons, don't know what the woman is wearing on her head, looks like a bird.

Some roll with three wheels.

Or even four wheels.

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Great to see people out enjoying the sun instead of huddling against the cold.

  2. As long as they keep on rolling :) Looks like you're having super summer weather over there!
    p.s. Is that a new header shot Marianne, amazing!

  3. My favorite it the two on their Bromptons. They look like they are on a tandem! Tourist always look different as they have to wear what they brought whether it's appropriate or not.

  4. Ik begon gelijk te zingen :Rawhide: rolling enz. maar het waren fietsers. Gezellig hè, mensen kijken.

  5. I think I recall in the past you mentioning how the locals can always pick out the tourists on bicycles by the bikes themselves and the fact that their riding habits are a cause for concern. Funny.

  6. I think everybody bike in Netherland :)
    Nice photos.

  7. The idea is to keep rolling. In fact, to maintain balance, particularly on a bicycle, one must keep rolling.

    I see the lady possibly riding a Brompton. Not sure what the gent is riding.
    As a Brompton rider, I am curious to know if both those bikes are Bromptons.

    But, as a cyclist, I am overjoyed to see all the bicycles.

    In bottom line is everybody in that group is having fun. That's what is important :)

    Peace :)

  8. I'd like to be one of those tourists, enjoying cycling in your country.

  9. Dearest Marianne,
    Had to Google what Brompton means and now I learned it's a folding bike!
    The Netherlands is easy for biking as it is as flat as a pancake; except the south of my province of birth; Limburg.
    Here it is too hilly and too hot. Even though we both love biking!