vrijdag 27 juni 2014

Sheep shearing

Our local sheep flock had a sheep shearing day this week in our neighbourhood. They were devided between separated fences to wait for the shearer.

Oh boy, it is my turn.

Did you ever see my belly?

Don't know where my legs are.

I let it go.

That was my coat.

These ladies are rolling the sheepskins in plastic.

The skins were loaded on a truck to be carried to our local wool factory.

Others were for sale.

And here the naked flock.
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16 opmerkingen:

  1. Fijn dat ze hun winterjasjes weer uit hebben, maar zal wel even wennen zijn zo bloot.

  2. That is really quite an operation! Looks like hard work for both the human and the sheep. I wonder if this stresses out the animal?

  3. They will be much more comfortable now! It's a hard job for the shearer, hard on the body. I've never seen that contraption that allows this shearer to rest his back a bit. Very clever!

  4. what a day of work!! i thought the sling for the shearer was interesting. and i'm always amazed that the wool comes off in one piece! thanks for linking this very interesting post! :)

  5. No place at all for someone with a wool allergy.

  6. Its quite a process...and the sheep look so devastated after the clean-up! :)
    -- The Wanderer

  7. I did not notice the shearer's sling until I read TWG's comment. Was it smelly to be near this operation?

  8. Aww...the poor sherries...but, it has to be done.... and, perhaps they feel cooler afterwards...

  9. They certainly look much better sheared. You've shown the whole process very well.

  10. That really is a whole lot of wool coming off!

  11. Nice to see dutch shearers at work. Here it is a very common sight as they are millions of sheep here in NZ

  12. They always look so 'naked' afterwards :)

  13. I am told the people who shear the sheep are so quick and efficient.
    I am sure my Old English Sheepdog would enjoy this scene as well as the sheep.
    Story well described via pictures!
    Peace :)