dinsdag 8 oktober 2019

Police Station

At the Open Monuments Day last September we visited the former Police Station in our village Almere Haven.  It is built in 1985 by the now world famous Dutch architect "Rem Koolhaas" This was his first project and  I think he is not so proud of it as he never mentiones it in publications.

The balloons were only placed for the Open Monuments Day.

It is now in use for creative outings as this one. In the background you see the patio in the heart of the building.

This was a former cell with some appropiate art.
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11 opmerkingen:

  1. Muito interessante o edifício bem como a exposição, aproveito para desejar uma boa semana.

    Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa
    O prazer dos livros

  2. Looks like an interesting use of the building. I wish we had open monuments day here.

  3. Very Interesting For Sure - Thanx For Sharing


  4. A good use of that old police station. I'm not so sure about the art in that last photo.

  5. Quite a different use for the old station.

  6. At least they found another way to use the building. Interesting that he never mentions it in his publications. He's probably a lot more advanced in the designing of buildings but it always interesting to see where you came from when you begun the process years ago.

  7. The artwork is interesting. Do you know the title of the one in the middle photo? Maybe it will give me a clue as to what it is!

  8. The balloons make it less serious, at least for a day.

  9. It looks an interesting place to visit.